Where it all started

The idea for Wine Glass Writer first came to me January 2012 when I was using a felt tip pen to write on glass pantry jars.

I was writing on my glass pantry jars with a permanent marker to label them “Oatmeal, Basmati Rice, Lentils, etc.” I usually have to use nail polish remover to get the ink off when it’s time to change the name.

There I was, admiring my new glass pantry jars, handwritten in ink. At that moment a light bulb went off.

I had just been to dinner at my girlfriend’s house and there we were, as per usual, trying to figure out who’s wine glass was whose.

After losing my glass to another suspect, I finally started drinking someone else’s wine, only to hear that person say, ‘Hey what happened to my wine glass…’

Fast forward back to me in the kitchen with the glass pantry jars and my marker and that’s when the idea hit me — if we could just write our names on our wine glasses — the problem would be solved.

But the ink would have to wash off, of course. And be non-toxic. And not smudge. Etc.Etc.

So I jump on the Internet and begin to search, “Markers for wine glasses” and I get all sorts of markers that write on wine bottles but they do not wash off.

Then I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal written by renowned wine columnist Lettie Teague (former editor of Food and Wine Magazine).  It was the Christmas season, she was in Manhattan, shops brimming with wine accessories. She said that of all the accessories she came across, Wine Glass Writers were the best and provided a great review.

Next thing I know I am on the phone with the owner/inventor of Wine Glass Writer, Jeannine Fradelizio, a successful restaurateur from San Francisco who happened to do a lot of entertaining and was tired of pouring abandoned glasses of beautiful wine down the drain.

“No one ever remembered what their wine charm was, and I was sick washing glasses for guests during parties.”

“I also was sick of wine charms – wine charms entangle together and it is a nightmare to untangle them…and after all that effort, half of us couldn’t remember whose wine charm was whose anyway.”

“Then during clean up — and without fail — one would find its way into the garbage disposal — and that’s never pleasant — so that’s when the idea came to me.”

Jeannine and her husband decided to take a risk and invest in formulating the special ink used for Wine Glass Writer.

It was no small investment get the formula to exacting standards. When the formulation was perfect, Wine Glass Writer was born. Jeannine and her family decided to dedicate Wine Glass Writer to Grandpa Pepe.

Now Wine Glass Writers are sold in thousands of wineries and shops around the world.

I am so pleased to be working with Jeannine to bring Wine Glass Writer to Australia and New Zealand. She is a wonderful and savvy business woman. I think Grandpa Pepe would be proud.

Gina Hine, Wine Glass Writer Australasia


Sometimes it's the little things that make a party. My guests had so much fun decorating their glasses for identification. I'm ordering more to give as gifts. Great product! Read more...

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