Accessories Aim to Make Wine Even More Fun

As it turned out, the only wine accessories that were an unalloyed success were the wine pens, “Wine Glass Writer” which could be used on glasses and the writing washed off afterward. My friends and I used them to write tasting notes directly on the glasses, and pictures of our aromatic impressions (blueberries, cherries, tobacco). They were great fun…I found them an improvement on the wine charm and more artistry expressive, write your name or a drawing, they are completely brilliant and washable….Of all the impractical accessories I accumulated in my search, the wine pens were the cheapest and most usable bit of frivolity. A set of three pens (in washable gold, silver and (metallic green) inks) will enable wine drinkers to write or draw on their wine glasses for hours and will provide a table full of otherwise serious drinkers a great deal of fun. Read the entire article here or buy your own pack hereThe Wall Street Journal, On Wine, 17 December 2011, by Lettie Teague



Sometimes it's the little things that make a party. My guests had so much fun decorating their glasses for identification. I'm ordering more to give as gifts. Great product! Read more...

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