Wine Glass Writers – A hit at every party!

I absolutely love my Wine Glass Writers! They are the best thing to come into the wine world since wine charms – except Wine Glass Writers are so much better! Bring them out for parties and get-togethers, and no one will forget which glass is theirs. I like using the Wine Glass Writers on glass platters to label hor d’oeuvres or desserts. I also like to get creative and draw pictures on my wine glass- it’s a great ice-breaker! Simply, Wine Glass Writers are the best! Alex P


 Accessories Aim to Make Wine Even More Fun

On Wine, 17 December 2011, by Lettie Teague

As it turned out, the only wine accessories that were an unalloyed success were the wine pens, “Wine Glass Writers” which could be used on glasses and the writing washed off afterward. My friends and I used them to write tasting notes directly on the glasses, and pictures of our aromatic impressions (blueberries, cherries, tobacco). They were great fun…I found them an improvement on the wine charm and more artistry expressive, write your name or a drawing, they are completely brilliant and washable….Of all the impractical accessories I accumulated in my search, the wine pens were the cheapest and most usable bit of frivolity. A set of three pens (in washable gold, silver and (metallic green) inks) will enable wine drinkers to write or draw on their wine glasses for hours and will provide a table full of otherwise serious drinkers a great deal of fun. Read the entire article here.


Love our Wine Writers. We always forget which charm is ours and writing one’s name on the glass is much more effective. Pete Pepiton


Love the Wine Glass Writers!

I can’t imagine life without the Wine Glass Writer pen… it’s like the post-it note of the wine accessory world…indispensable! I carry them in my purse and give them to everyone I know…Thanks Wine Glass Writer people! Kimi K


Great Product

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a party. My guests had so much fun decorating their glasses for identification. I’m ordering more to give as gifts. Great product! Alh


A must have as a hostess gift

Fantastic wine markers, a must have. Mstew


Best gift ever- It’s a fun addition to any party glass! Kat


I just bought these to use at my Wine Tastings! Fabulous idea =) Joanne


No more wasting wine at your next party

I had a party with 25 friends, and for the first time I was not in the kitchen rewashing glasses all night. Everyone loved the product! I had no idea how artistic some of my friends are. Some just put their name on their wine glass and some friends had a blast drawing. It was a great ice breaker. Washed off with a soapy sponge. I’ll be getting more for holiday gifts. The gold and silver worked really well the pinot was a bit faint but used it all the same. I can’t believe it took this long for someone to come up with this idea! I will never have a party without the wine glass writer again. Wine Drinker Girl


We love the Wine writers, the first day we put them out we sold 6 before they were even set up. They are great, people love them for holidays or parties. One of our guests brought them back to New York for her monthly Ladies Wine group. She was going to use them for her wine tasting party and give them away as favours.” Retail Director, The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa


Forget the wine glass charms ’cause you tend to forget which one u chose ~ so personalize your glass with the Wine Glass Writer ~ we do at Route 128 Winery and it works! Lorna Opatz, Owner, Route 128 Winery, Sonoma, California


Works like a charm…but it’s not!

No more clinking, clanking noisey wine glass charms that often find their way into the trash or garbage disposal! Guests can’t seem to remember which charm they had on their glass – problem solved with Wine Glass Writers! Just write your guests name on the glass, wait 30 seconds and TAADAA! A very simple and fun way for everyone to keep track of those drinks, and cleanup is a breeze! I plan on ordering more for gifts. My family and friends are gonna love these!” Lorrie Brewster


Guest have fun designing or signing their own glass. It’s an ice breaker!

The Wine Glass Writer is the easiest method to identify my guest glasses. Great especially if you prefer tumblers rather than stemware… colourful, easy to use and guest have fun designing or signing their own glass. It’s an ice breaker! Carol Helzberg


I love it!

So easy to use – no more wine charms to untangle or slide into my disposal. Washes off with swipe of a sponge-also a handy way to remember the names of people at the party – just check out their wine glass.” Jeannette Perkins


I can’t wait to use them over Christmas!

My husband and I were on a wine tour outside of San Francisco when I saw the Wine Glass Writers at one of the Vineyards. When we entertain guests at our home no one remembers what charm they had on their wine glass but since buying the Wine Glass Writers we don’t have any discrepancies as to who has what wine glass. They work fantastic and I have recently just ordered another dozen to give out to my friends and family. I can’t wait to use them over Christmas!” Crystal Hankel, Alberta Canada


Turn those wine glasses…into identifiable, creative stemware

With the holidays approaching, The Wine Glass Writer will be an asset for turning those wine glasses that we purchase in bulk for large gatherings in to identifiable, creative stemware. The new colored pens are right on time for the holidays! Lorrie S. LeBeaux, Wine & Food Writer Lorrie’s Wine and Food World

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